• BC of the Month: Traer Beaudette

    As happen stance would have it, we met on a picturesque November fall day and agreed to take advantage of the last of the warmth Mother Nature seemed to be gifting us and met under the red umbrella of a maple tree, clinging to the last of its autumn beauty.  Traer arrived, vintage coffee thermos and campfire mugs in hand, extending a most warm welcome to join her on the wooden bench that became our home for the next hour.
  • BC of the Month: Dana Shook

    I have been afforded an amazing opportunity to sit down and get to know the heart of different women within the Bourbon Cowgirl tribe.  My most recent sit down was with a beautiful soul that garnered a warm smile and gentle spirit and was reflective with her thoughts.  Meet Dana Shook.
  • BC of the Month: Taylor Hoover

    Today, I sat down with twenty-five-year-old, Taylor Hoover.  (P.S. I have boots older than her.)  Let me start by saying perceptions are often de...