I'll Have a Gin and Tonic, Hold the Tonic Highball Glass
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I'll Have a Gin and Tonic, Hold the Tonic Highball Glass

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I'll Have a Gin and Tonic, Hold the Tonic highball cooler glass is perfect funny gift for her. A cool gift for that woman who works hard to play hard. She’s going to live life out loud isn't going to stop anytime soon. 

Perfectly gorgeous barware gifts for the woman who loves bourbon, scotch, whiskey, gin or vodka cocktails. These barware gifts are stunning with their deeply engraved design that leaves a stunning deep relief, 3D finish.

Mixed drink cocktail glasses are deep etched in the USA. Custom engraved cooler glasses are a must have in every home and are great when used as a water or iced tea glass. Serve anything from beer to lemonade to daring mixed drinks with this 15 oz. heavy base engraved hiball glass. Serve your Harvey Wallbanger, Fuzzy Navel, Seven and Seven, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Sea Breeze, Vodka Tonic, Gin and Tonic and more in this sturdy highball glass! Cocktails served in our deeply carved classic cooler will taste all the sweeter. Our master glass carvers will carve away the background panel from the collins glass, leaving the lettering and design features raised from the high ball glass surface in a super cool three dimensional manner. 

Our 15 oz. custom highball glasses measure 6.25 tall by 3 wide. Made in the USA. Dishwasher safe.

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