Collection: Cowgirl Hats and Western Cowboy Hats for Bourbon Cowgirl

Bourbon Cowgirl takes pride in offering only high quality and unique products that we ourselves would be proud to wear. Offering a variety of straw hats for spring and summer, as well as wool felt cowboy hats for colder weather, we have a wide variety of cowgirl hats anyone would love!

We have worked closely with a talented hat designer to create a line of custom torched and burned cowgirl hats in cattleman and rancher styles. We also offer other hat designer to ensure a variety of great hats for our customers, as described below.

Gone Country is a USA mom and pop western hat manufacturer located in Orlando, Florida. Keith and Judy Kowatch founded the company and provide the best care and customer service. Their hats are made in Mexico and designed by Keith and Judy themselves. High quality cashmere wool hats as well as beautiful straw hats in a wide variety of colors, these hats will satisfy those with the most discriminating taste. 

Peter Grimm makes fun and sophisticated hats you can wear for all sorts of activities. From sporty to refined, the men's and women's hats available from Peter Grimm include plenty of versatile options that can complete your wardrobe. You will enjoy finding hats that stay in style and can keep up with your active lifestyle. When you invest in a Peter Grimm hat, you get something you can wear for many years to come. 

What about the name? Peter's grandmother called him Peter, after the Peter Rabbit stories, and Grimm is his mother's maiden name. Now, the Peter Grimm name is known throughout the world, and everyone from rock stars to grocery workers share their devotion to these hats. The company prides itself on innovation and hard work.  

We've selected the best selling straw and wool felt hats for women for our Bourbon Cowgirl hat collection.